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About Us:

Oooook look we love u everybody out there makin it happen but we gotta get more non-men in leftist spaces and in the leftist airwaves as well SO HERE WE ARE YOU DOODLY BUTTS!! we’re still playing with the medium but we have noticed that 5 women talking just brings something different than 5 men talking. We’re from a few different places around the USA.

One of us studies HERstory (that’s right we are destroying the patriarchy with puns), another law, another is gearing up to teach lil children about their own agency and probably also math, another works in gettin' folks to cough up their money for things that aren’t dumb, and another one radicalizes teens and employs them in food justice work.


We heard there was a discourse and we WANT IN. we think women rule and by that we should be the dictators when the revolution comes,,,

try to decide if we’re tankies and have a nice day.

also we love skeletons because they are very badass and we like being cool


Social Media:

6,000 podcast subscribers

3.5K podcast listeners on @seasonoftheb

10K followers of the hosts on twitter @LaMujerVoluble, @socialistwillow, @grouchhomarx, @hellenkeniford, and @ambamtaylor

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$1,000 per month pledged on Patreon



“This one has a special place in my heart–once upon a time my social media handle everywhere was @seasonothebitch. I changed it to my real name because you know, professionalism or something. But along came a coven of excellent socialist feminists who chose that name for their podcast.” -Sarah Jaffe


"Women were at the vanguard of the grassroots progressive movement in 2016 – and kicked off the resistance to Donald Trump with the women’s march in January. But some feel that women aren’t getting the same airtime as men in the movement. That’s about to change with the launch of “Season of the Bitch” – an all-female progressive podcast." -Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian